We believe all pools are different.

 You will work one-on-one with our expert pool technician and/or owner.  Our service technicians will learn about the needs of your pool and create a custom cleaning routine specifically for your pool.  

Our history
Since 1989

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Our success to our pool business can be measured by the growth of our company.  Throughout the 30 years we have been in business, we have steadily grown and it has been mostly through client referrals.  We treat your pool as though it were for one of our own backyards.

Your Poolis an investment

Roscoe's Pool and Spa

Roscoe’s Pool and Spa is aiming to be the premier, pool service business in South Georgia.  Founded by Roscoe and Betty Stallings in 1989 and purchased by its current owners Charlton and Laura Tyler in 2013, we pride ourselves in being a workplace that works hard, has fun, and serves our customers with A+ quality every day.

Our History
After working fifteen years with Jones Aquatech Pool Builders,  Roscoe Stallings opened Roscoe’s Pool Service on March 1,1989.  It was tough going at first. The phone did not ring for weeks even though Roscoe had left business cards at homes with pools in five counties around Moultrie.

Finally the phone did ring. His first customer!  She was looking for bids for a complete makeover of her filter system, and Roscoe was low bidder.  Word spread about the good service he provided, and the phone never stopped ringing after that. This job was the kick start the new company needed.

After several months of working from home, Roscoe secured a small office on West Central Avenue.  Because of good employees and loyal customers, the business grew and in 2000, Roscoe had to purchase a building on Tenth Street SE.  He was able to expand the business from just pool service into changing pool liners, selling and setting up above ground pools, and selling and servicing spas.

Roscoe’s motto was “Fast, Friendly, and Efficient!”  It was important to him that each and every customer be satisfied with the work he and his employees did. In 2013, Roscoe and Betty sold Roscoe’s Pool Service to Charlton and Laura Tyler, a couple who have maintained that spirit and expanded the business even more. Through excellent technicians/team members who care about their customers, Roscoe’s Pool and Spa has more than doubled the customer base and is continually looking to make Roscoe’s  the best pool service business in our service area.  

What is important to being a part of the team at Roscoe's Pool and Spa?

We believe in:

Continuous Improvement- We want to improve and innovate constantly and consistently, this is a core value that is important to the organization and our success.  There is always something to learn about the pool service business.  

Rolling Up Sleeves- No matter your level in the organization, you’re willing to dive in head first to get work done and support the team. No one is above lending a hand and ensuring what needs to get done to achieve success is done.

Transparency- We believe in being honest with our customers and with ourselves in order to become the best people, co-workers, and advisors to our customers that we can be.

Craftsmanship- Our work is our art and we want to apply attention to detail, pride, and the highest quality behind every customer account and and company project we work on.

Experiences- Learning by experience is the way we grow and become better.  

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1017 North Main Street STE B   Moultrie, GA, United States

Mailing Address:  PO Box 1897, Moultrie, GA 31776